Sunday 10 April 2011

Tatties Planted

Hi, I have planted 11 x 10 foot rows of potatoes today, it was a hard job, but someone has to do it. :) I have: King Edward, Maris Piper, Charlotte, Pentland Javelin and Duke of York. I've planted them all on the same side and the maincrops are at the back, so that I can replace the earlies with something else when they are lifted. I think you leave them there for 11 or 12 weeks, but I'll check that out, I'll soon know anyway when the greenery starts dying off. I just need to think what else I am going to put in and start with getting it done soon.

Saturday 9 April 2011


I nearly killed myself today, the last time I done this, I got on great, today was another story......... it was so heavy, my hands are hanging off my wrists. :( Never mind, a nice man came and finished it off for me. Tomorrow, I will plant my potatoes, they are good to go and apparently, it's okay to do it according to the more experienced folks. I'll maybe invest in a small tiller machine, but that will be much later, I need a shed and a greenhouse first. :) I'll relax now and go back to the lottie tomorrow.

Friday 1 April 2011

Seeds have been sown

I have sown some tomato and pepper seeds tonight. Now, this is quite late on to be doing this, especially the peppers, but as everyone knows, it has been very coolllld, especially up here in the frozen north. :-) Some of the pepper seeds came from inside one I bought and I decided to keep some seeds out if it, so we will see if these grow. I'll need to start doing some seeds most nights for a while now. I am hoping to have a greenhouse in the next couple of months, so maybe my seeds/plants will catch up okay. DH will be thrilled when he sees all the seed trays everywhere when I have done my worst. Never mind, he enjoys a wee moan. :-)

Sunday 27 March 2011

The mountain has been conquered!

The dirt mountain is no more, I got rid of it all today. I'll get the rotovator again during the week and go over the plot again, before I do any planting. I think it might be mid April before I get anything into the ground anyway. :) The seed sowing did not get done, hopefully this will be rectified tomorrow night. x

Saturday 26 March 2011

Sowing my seeds

Hi there,

I was up early this morning, so thought I would take the opportunity to sort out the seeds that I have, ready for sowing. I have rather a lot, I do get carried away when I look in the shops at seeds. :-)

I am going to start sowing them tomorrow, probably just tomatoes and cress to start away with. DH is going back to work early tomorrow morning, so I will do it when he is out of the way. :-)

I'll get back to the allotment tomorrow to carry on with the dirt mountain, I won't manage today as DH is here.

See you later. x

Tuesday 22 March 2011

New post for a very neglected blog!! I might as well try again, spring has sprung so maybe it's time I got a spring into my step. :)
I have exciting news, since the last time I blogged, I have got myself an allotment. How am I going to have the time to manage it I hear you ask??? I'll just need to make time. I am soooo excited about it. Here's a couple of photos to be going on with. This one is of the allotment on the day I got it late last year.

This one was taken last Saturday after I had rotovated it. I just have to deal with a mini mountain of soil that someone kindly dumped on it. Also need to get rid of the shed, it won't stand up for much longer. :)
This is a very exciting time for me, my blog is an ideal way to document my allotment. See you all soon. x

Tuesday 19 October 2010


Just a quick note, I have been working today and was back out tonight for a couple of hours, so rather a busy day for me! I did, however get another square done on the blanket I am making for my mother in law's birthday, so I am getting there! I'm off to bed now as I am out early in the morning. Nite nite. x